Functional Rehabilitation

Dr. Sam and the professionals at Active Life Chiropractic offer excellence in functional rehabilitation services in Columbia, MO. Our therapists create a safe, professional and welcoming environment in order to maximize your potential and speed up your recovery. We find that no one is perfect in our office, so the majority of our patients will receive some form of exercise to assist with their recovery and strengthen themselves to prevent further injury.

Dr. Sam may assess patients for any unnatural compensations and make sure corrections are made to prevent re-injury. After a thorough assessment to see what might be causing the pain, Dr. Sam may prescribe a functional exercise program designed to address all of the limitations, thus decreasing pain and improving function. The major components of functional rehabilitation include flexibility, muscle strength, power, balance, agility, and functional coordination or body control. By utilizing state-of-the-art treatment techniques and technologies, our skilled therapists will get you back to work and life.

Functional Rehabilitation Treatments

While many techniques and exercises can be categorized under functional rehabilitation, Active Life Chiropractic specializes in:
• Kinesio Taping
• Myofascial Release
• Sports Injury Rehabilitation
• Car Accident Injury Rehabilitation

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

Functional Rehabilitation is an extension of traditional physical therapy. Its purpose is to address various musculoskeletal conditions and restore functionality in cases where functionality has been lost or reduced. Functional Rehabilitation is different from traditional physical therapy in that functional rehabilitation is a philosophical shift from treating the area of pain to treating the area of dysfunction.

Exercises prescribed will look very similar to the activities that you desire to return to. For example, wanting to get back on the golf course? Functional rehabilitation exercises will contain exercises that look a lot like a backswing and follow through, and they will help you get back to your normal self (and often improve performance) much quicker than without exercises.

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Dr. Sam and Active Life Chiropractic have rehabilitated patients in Columbia and the Mid-Missouri area for years with great results. Contact us today at (573) 999-7805 or fill out our online form for a free consultation!
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