Slipped or Herniated Disk

A herniated disks, also known as a slipped disk or prolapsed disk, occurs when the jellylike substance that makes up the inner portion of your vertebral disk protrudes through the outer protective ring. This protrusion causes pain, discomfort, and can make simple everyday tasks hard to manage. Your back is made up of 23 disks that could potentially slip because of strain, pressure, or constant use.

The skilled team at Active Life Chiropractic in Columbia, MO, and Dr. Sam Henly have assisted relieving symptoms and discomfort caused by slipped disks with chiropractic care. Dr. Henly is a skilled slipped disk chiropractor ready to alleviate your back pain through personalized care.

Symptoms Of A Slipped Or Herniated Disk

With 23 different disks lining your spine a slipped disk can occur anywhere along its curvature. A slipped disk more regularly occurs in the lower back causing extreme pain and irritability for some patients. Your chiropractor or primary care physician can diagnose your best

Symptoms of a Slipped Disk are:
• Tingling, Aching, or Burning Sensation along the Spine
• Pain Primarily on One Side of the Body
• Pain that Worsens when Standing or Sitting for a Long Time
• Pain when Walking Short Distances
• Pain that Extends to your Extremities
• Muscle Weakness or Atrophy
• Numbness in the Back, Extremities, or other Affected Areas
Some of these symptoms are severe — if you are feeling numbness or tingling sensations in your extremities that are affecting your muscle stability, make sure to inform your slipped disk chiropractor or primary care physician.

Symptoms Of A Slipped Or Herniated Disk

There are several methods in chiropractic care to reduce slipped disk pain and symptoms. Initially, your chiropractor will diagnose you to better understand the severity of your condition and if it is indeed a slipped disk.

Once testing has been completed and it is determined that chiropractic care for your herniated disk is the best course of action, your chiropractor will cater a treatment plan for you including the use of:
• Spinal Manipulation and Adjustments
• Guided Physical Therapy
• Specialized Therapeutic Exercises
Chiropractors for a slipped disk will focus on alleviating your pain and developing a treatment plan that will address chronic back pain issues that may be caused by the problem disk.

Note that a chiropractor is not popping your slipped disk into place, rather, they are using low-pressure techniques to realign the spinal column alongside guided therapy and exercises to eliminate pain.

Slipped Disk Chiropractor in Columbia, MO

Living with constant pressure pain, or discomfort in your lower back can make your day-to-day frustrating or unmanageable. Chiropractic care can help alleviate the symptoms of herniated disks with conservative, proven, and noninvasive treatments over the time of a catered plan created by your physician.

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