Meet Dr. Sam Henley

Dr. Sam Henley – Chiropractor in Columbia, MO

“I can’t imagine going through life without being adjusted.”
– Dr. Sam Henley


As a second generation chiropractor, Dr. Sam Henley firmly believes that being adjusted since birth has helped him stay active and healthy throughout the first decades of his life.

After growing up in Columbia, MO, Dr. Henley decided to keep his chiropractic practice in his beloved hometown. He attended Hickman High School where he participated in drumline, practiced martial arts and became involved with Kung Fu, which he still continues today. These activities help Dr. Henley relate to his patients, as he understands the rigors of an active lifestyle.

Dr. Sam began his career as a chiropractor in Columbia, MO. After practicing at other locations, he soon realized the value in a family practice and since returned to Columbia to practice with his mother, Dr. Christy Henley. He and his wife, Crystal, enjoy spending time with their dog Oy and the newest addition to their family, baby Mirek. When they are not spending time with the baby, they enjoy hiking, walking, floating and a variety of other outdoor activities.

Chiropractic Education

After growing up in a chiropractic family, Dr. Henley knew he wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. After extensive research in high school and during his undergraduate studies, he decided that being a chiropractor was indeed his calling. While at the Logan College of Chiropractic, he attended numerous post-graduate seminars in the areas of acupuncture, functional rehabilitation, Sacro Occipital Technique, and Active Release Technique.

Additional Certifications

Dr. Henley extended his education and became trained in the Thompson Technique, Diversified Technique and Activator Methods. He is board certified in Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and in K-Laser Class 4 Laser therapies. His expansive expertise allows for the individualized care he treasures at Active Life.

Henley’s Goal

He has a true passion for athletes and any individual who values an active and healthy life. His goal is to serve everyone from grade-school soccer champions and daily exercises to world record holders and heavy lifters.

“From elite athletes and weekend warriors to hobbyists and stay at home mothers, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.”
– Dr. Sam Henley
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